Cool Mountain

Mouth-Watering Memories: How A Special Flavour Can Bring Back Memories Over three million people visit the Appalachian Mountains each year in the eastern part of the United States. They come from all over the world to enjoy the breath-taking beauty of nature hiking, biking, rafting, and other outdoor adventures. These tourists will spend time in local towns and cities along the way, looking for regional items and tastes that connect them to the area. What if they could relive the experience with a taste wrapped in the image of the Mountains?


Cool Mountain Gourmet Soda is pure mouth-watering refreshment. It is a thirst-quenching taste that perfectly caps off a long day in the outdoors. After an outdoor adventure, when you’re worn out and ready for some cool refreshment to boost your mountain adventure, enjoy an ice cold beverage made in Appalachia by Appalachians. How much better can it get?


Of course, nothing can replace the sun coming up over the mountains. To see it and breathe in all that the mountains have to offer is a truly beautiful experience. Now, think about bringing back a simple pleasure—like the sweet decadent taste of Cool Mountain Gourmet Soda. Through our gourmet soda, enjoy an experience post-trip, once you’ve started to settle back into your normal routine. Twist off the cap and take a quick trip back through Appalachia, remembering the friendly natives in the local towns, where the culture is hidden away from the busy city life, the cool mountain streams, and the lovely Appalachian sunsets.


With just one taste, you can bring a vivid memory back of the beauty of the mountains, the vibrant colors of the Appalachian autumn, the stark purity of the winter snow or the vivid greenery of summer.


Cool Mountain is the real deal. Bottled by Dr. Pepper of West Jefferson North Carolina, who just celebrated a 75th anniversary bottling in the same location, it’s a family owned business by three generations of the Vannoy family, a truly authentic taste to the area. It provides a flavor that can only come from the Appalachian Mountains, making it the perfect souvenir of the area. Relive your favorite moments anytime. Enjoy Cool Mountain Gourmet Soda—come celebrate the adventure!