Cane Sugar & Homemade Soda

Cane Sugar Soda: What’s That?


Believe it or not, soda pop made from cane sugar isn’t anything new – in fact it’s retro! The new kid on the block, high-fructose corn syrup, took over the soda making industry as the cheaper, sweeter alternative to sugar, but the homemade soda pop makers know the truth: cane sugar soda beats fructose every time!


What is High-Fructose Corn Syrup?

High-fructose corn syrup, often referred to as HFCS, is a liquid sweetener created from corn. Obviously, to get that sweetener it takes a lot more than squeezing fresh-picked corn and waiting for the nectar to pour out. Instead, corn it put through an enzymatic approach to create this low-cost sugar alternative.


Though most Americans are anti-HFCS because of the recent health claims, we have a different reason: it doesn’t taste the same!


Why Cane Sugar Soda is Best

HFCS has a natural gummy quality to it. Though this works okay in cream-flavored sodas, root beer greatly suffers. In fact, the true root beer taste that has that rich, deep caramel flavor is muted significantly when it is produced with HFCS. Cane sugar sodas offer that sweetness, but without the gummy aftertaste. They taste like homemade soda pop, even when they are manufactured and bottle brewed in bulk!


Cane sugar soda is becoming the new niche for homemade soda pop makers and even big corporations are trying to get on board. For newer generations there was never such thing as cane sugar soda (especially for those born after 1970), but today cane sugar soda is back, it’s retro and it is just as popular as it was before it was replaced by high fructose corn syrup.


Taste the difference of cane sugar soda yourself with a Cool Mountain Fountain Classic!

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