Going Soda Shop Style w/ a Homemade Soda Pop Root Beer Float

When was the last time you had a real root beer float? Most likely never. Before you shake your head and talk about how you had a float just last week, let us ask you this: was it made with retro sodas?


What Makes a Soda “Retro”?

If you are like most people, “retro sodas” refers to a glass bottled gourmet soda, but the bottle is not all that makes something “retro”. Sure, we are going back to the old-school way of bottling up our super premium drinks, but at Cool Mountain, we do the traditional homemade soda pop method of using real cane sugar. When you pop open a bottle of our retro sodas you will instantly smell and taste the difference. Our fountain classics are lighter, richer and the flavor is more defined. Now how would you like that in your homemade float?


The Retro Soda Root Beer Float

Place a scoop of the finest vanilla bean ice cream you can find into a tall pre-chilled mug. We don’t expect you to churn your own ice cream up for one float, but the higher the quality of ice cream, the more authentic it will taste.


Fill to the rim of your mug with a bottle of freshly opened Cool Mountain fountain classic.


Before you dive right in, smash up a few jolly rancher candies and add them as a crunchy, yet appropriate garnish.


Now enjoy! You are drinking a true traditional homemade soda pop or special root beer float – just like the good ole soda shop days.

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