FGX Distribution of Cool Mountain Beverages in Singapore

Cool Mountain, a company that was born in May of 1997 in the heart of the Midwest USA, markets premium craft sodas with unique, refreshing flavors that are handcrafted by soda sommeliers. Cool mountain flavors incorporate pure cane sugar and are caffeine free, making the company popular among soda loving fanatics around the globe.

American Roots

Manufactured through franchise bottlers in the USA that produce mouth-tingling one-of-a-kind craft sodas, Cool Mountain offers one-of-a-kind sodas beloved by many for their unique flavors and common bond for doing what’s right. Cool Mountain believes that companies should operate as socially and environmentally conscious as is humanly possible. By choosing to manufacture a unique beverage as a product made in the United States of America, Cool Mountain is synergistically creating jobs in the United States through there manufacturers and distribution outlets. By donating to the homeless and after school programs in our own communities and raising awareness of the Native American Indian college fund in its effort to educate to stop poverty.

Cool Mountain also seeks to respect the earth by acting responsibly in their manufacturing and procurement process in minimizing the waste  to reach their goal of satisfying a larger and larger customer base. Cool Mountain continues to push their role in the state of the environment. Cool Mountain is breaking the mold by expanding highlighting there Love Mother earth campaign  and to Please recycle on every bottle it sells to ensure that we take care of the earth one bottle at a time.

Global Distribution Project

Cool Mountain has lived up to its slogan, “celebrate the adventure”, by branching outside its marketing pool in the United States, beginning an international campaign. Cool Mountain, creator and innovator of specialty sodas made in the United States, is making global ripples with the distribution of Cool Mountain sodas in Singapore, Malaysia.

Cool Mountain chose to partner with FGX International, a local marketing and distribution company that supplies quality healthcare, food, and beverage products for the city of and surrounding regions of Singapore.

Global Marketing Campaign

FGX has kicked into overdrive, distributing the Cool Mountain beverages that have been exclusively shipped to Singapore. Cool Mountain wants to spread their status as a green, environmentally mindful, craft soda company selling premium beverage flavors. All these mouthwatering products are bottled under franchise and licensing agreements across the USA and now sold internationally.

Cool Mountain has become popular in mainstream retail outlets in and around Singapore partly due to thorough marketing efforts such as poster installation and cultivating the potential for advertising by word-of-mouth. Cool Mountain and partner FGX International have invested in hiring additional staff to man a van purposing as a delivery and sampling tool. Team marketers have been making a continuous effort to help cause a significant push of the Cold Mountain brand in Singapore. Their efforts have not been in vain; FGX continues to expand its distribution and Cool Mountain Beverages of the United States have been largely successful in the chosen area of Singapore and surrounding market areas. High quality, premium soda is hard not to love.

James Fong, principal of FGX, states that thousands of bottles of Cool Mountain specialty soda have been handed out to retailers such as MNC pantries. This has generated a great deal of excitement about and interest in the Cool Mountain Brand throughout the Singapore area.

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