The Craft Soda Explosion

There is a health and social consciousness revolution going on among consumers in recent years. People are making better decisions about what they put into their bodies and the environment and effects on society; this isn’t just confined to the foods they eat. Going out to eat or to the bar doesn’t mean settling for empty calories and whatever’s on tap anymore. With the craft beer explosion comes the craft soda explosion. Providing consumers with a premium selection of flavors made in small batches better ingredients and one effervescent taste that is nothing short of mouthwatering refreshment.  When selecting a craft soda, you’re making a choice of quality vs quantity, much in the same way you choose a craft beer, taste, selection, unique flavor and independence from the corporate fair.

Make Better Beverage Choices

You don’t have to give up soda to do this. You can simply make a better choice in the soda that you drink. When you do, you’ll find that craft sodas have better flavor, better ingredients and unique taste that are more refreshing and deliver simple indulgence that commercial drinks cant. Imbibe in a soft drink that leaves you happy that you did, instead of something that makes you feel full and with empty calories, Belch’’’. What you put into your body matters and you’re aware. Make a good decision when you look for a soft drink to enjoy. Drink craft soda and support independence.

What’s the Big Deal about Craft Soda?

When you hear the words “high fructose corn syrup,” you might cringe. Thinking about all the connotations when reading the articles about mass carbonated beverages can be horrifying. The big deal about craft soda is that there is a better choice when selecting a carbonated beverage. Cool Mountain craft soda is just one example of doing it better, made with pure cane sugar and unique flavors like Black Cherry, Orange Cream, and Green Apple just to name a few. A major plus is that it is also naturally made caffeine free. Commercial sodas use such additives to hook the consumer to a familiar taste but sadly, one that’s all too common. Craft soda is refreshing in all the right ways. You tend to savor a craft soda as a simple indulgence.

A Great Cause

The creation of a delicious craft soda is not the only important factor when you make better beverage choices. A great cause is the cherry on top of your favorite refreshing craft soda. Think about a factory that crafts its beverages in the USA, creating jobs for locals as well as giving its customers a product that they truly made in the USA. Supporting the Cool Mountain endeavor also supports American Independence in a way that large corporate factories do not. By raising the awareness on every bottle it sells. Cool Mountain and there select suppliers give a small percentage of every purchase to support the Native American Indian College Fund. When you enjoy one of these craft sodas, you “help a student, preserve his or her heritage and succeed in higher education.

Social Responsibility

Value means a lot to Cool Mountain. They work with  distributors and retailers to bring the best product to the market that they can in a socially responsible manner. Crafting a mouthwatering beverage, providing jobs to locals and supporting the American Indian College Fund are all factors that contribute to the bigger picture of preserving our Love Mother Earth Initiative. This is perhaps the most important message that Cool Mountain delivers. When you choose this our beverage, you choose to better the environment one crafty soda at a time.

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