Pairing Great Beverages with Good Food

When you go to a top rated restaurant or your favorite little bistro, you’ll often see wine pairings next to the meals which suggest the best beverage to complete the taste of the food that you choose. What if you could do the same at your favorite pizza place? There’s always a great deliberation when you order casual food; soda, juice, water, or a cold beer to wash down your pizza or a fully loaded cheeseburger? America has unique original dishes that no other country consumes, so there should be a beverage that is just as unique!

The American Dream

It’s not all about owning property and having a good job. The American dream is about happiness and savoring a delicious meal with the perfect beverage is a large contributor to that dream. When you have a lunch break from the hard work that you do all day, you grab a slice and reach for a Cool Mountain craft soda. Unique flavors that are perfectly balanced, carbonated indulgence that will make an ordinary lunch feel just like you’re in one of those high end restaurants. Who says that you have to pair wine or beer with food to make it great? A craft soda can be just as refreshing, if not more, and you’ll feel good about your choice.

Imaginative Pairing

There are hundreds of different wines and beers that can be paired with several different food combinations. The choices are endless and often overwhelming. Be more creative with your food and beverage pairing and you can make every meal into a taste explosion that will blow away your dining companions. The classic root beer and cream soda is an excellent pairing to pizza and burgers, without the extra syrupy taste and heavy full feeling after you drink it. How about pairing a green apple soda with a crisp apple pie to enhance the always satisfying American dessert? Strawberry, orange cream, or peach are subtle flavors that can make your favorite entrees pop at home or when you’re out to eat. The possibilities are endless and, when you serve craft soda, you don’t have to worry about offending those who don’t drink alcohol or serving children at your table.

Make Conscientious Decisions

When you decide to pair a Cool Mountain craft soda with your favorite meal, you’re not only making the decision to complete your dining experience in a unique way, you’re also making the decision support an excellent cause for America. This is a company that cares about creating local jobs for US workers and takes the bigger picture into consideration. There is a way to craft a delicious beverage while caring for the environment and Cool Mountain has found it. In addition, every bottle sold raises the awareness of the Native American Indian College Fund by one more. A lot can be done with even a little bit and you can see that happening when you explore Cool Mountain’s process. The enjoyment of your favorite unique flavor will be enhanced when you pair it with the most important thing: a conscientious decision. Love Mother Earth and please recycle! Bon ApititeJ

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