The Global Market: Prime for U.S. Beverage Companies

The demand for authentic United States products continues to be voiced by both the American people and groups on an international scale. There is a great deal of buzz in the news and in social media realms that highlights a growing concern: the possibility that more products are being pumped into the United States than are being pumped out. Because the United States does, in fact, hold claim to a large variety of unique goods and services made right on American soil, more companies are beginning to see the opportunities presented by a movement toward global expansion. Cool Mountain began directing efforts toward an international expansion very early on in the ball game because of a mutual love for adventure and the advancement of one-of-a-kind American goods on a worldwide scale. The global market presents an opportunity for beverage companies like Cool Mountain to expand and deliver unique services into the far corners of the world. With a slogan like “celebrate the adventure,” how could Cool Mountain not begin an international campaign?


The Beverage Niche

Growing a business beyond its original United States borders can be a daunting task; however, Cool Mountain has thoroughly researched the endeavor and remains confident that there is a successful global niche for a quality United States beverage company. By making Cool Mountain sodas available in Singapore, Malaysia and other potential international locations, a larger customer base will be reached:


  • Savvy Locals. Locals in international locations who desire unique experiences are eager to taste American-made beverages. Cool Mountain beverages afford locals the opportunity to experience an entirely different culture’s taste with the pop of a cap. Because Cool Mountain beverages are different from any other beverages available to individuals outside of the United States, an international market gives consumers the opportunity to try new and different beverages without paying an expensive shipping fee.
  • Tourists. Obviously, tourists will be one of the largest customer bases on the international scene. Individuals from the United States will be treated to a taste of home with each sip of a Cool Mountain beverage, and those from other countries will be able to enjoy a new and original flavor that they can then add to their collection of international experiences.


The International Vision

Specialty beverages have been steadily gaining popularity in the United States, and as a result the beverage business has grown exponentially over the last several years. The US handcrafted beverage industry appears to have no end in sight, and Cool Mountain is looking forward to using their homeland stability as an anchor for their international endeavors.


Singapore, Malaysia is an exciting place to start, but Cool Mountain is excited to continue growing as more resources become available. As the beverage company gets more experience and success under its proverbial belt, it can continue to gain ground on an international scale. People all over the world are craving the mouth-watering flavors of Cool Mountain beverages, and Cool Mountain is prepared to meet the demand with a flow of tasty supply.



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