Craft Soda Supplier Cool Mountain Expands Brand to Global Market

United States owned and operated Cool Mountain Beverages, Inc., has been distributing handcrafted gourmet sodas for more than 17 years. Though the company has grown exponentially in recent years, the majority of its growth has occurred in the international market, especially in Singapore and Malaysia.

In the United States, many retail items like clothing, furniture, and even toys are imported from overseas, but gourmet U.S. beverage companies are finding the global market is primed and ready for quality beverage products like Cool Mountain’s eight craft soda flavors: root beer, cream soda, orange cream, peach, blue raspberry, green apple, black cherry, and strawberry.


Just as sales in the United States have tapered, the international market – especially in Asia – has taken a keen interest in the premium beverages Cool Mountain produces. “Savvy customers and tourists in countries like Singapore and Malaysia appreciate our superior product packaging and taste,” said Cool Mountain President Bill Daker. “International sales continue to rise with no end in sight.”


Though Daker and the team at Cool Mountain are very proud to be a successful American company creating local jobs, they are equally proud of the brand’s recent success internationally. “Our team has worked very hard to grow our brand in the international markets we serve, and we will continue to find ways to drive sales and get our brand to as many thirsty consumers as possible,” said Daker.

About Cool Mountain Beverages

Illinois-based Cool Mountain Beverages, Inc., has produced gourmet beverages since the company was incorporated in 1997.Using pure cane sugar, Cool Mountain’s caffeine-free handcrafted sodas are sold throughout the United States and internationally.

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