Cool Mountain Beverages Debuts All Natural Addition to their “Chicago” Line of Beverages @ The Great Chicago Fire Festival October 4, 2014

Cool Mountain of Des Plaines, Illinois, markets premium sodas throughout the world in mouthwatering flavors; Green Apple, Strawberry, Black Cherry, Root Beer, Cream Soda, Orange Cream, Blue Razzberry, Peach and from their “Chicago” line, Draft Style Chicago Root Beer. All carefully hand crafted in small batches, made with the finest ingredients known to man, pure cane sugar, 100% caffeine free and lightly carbonated for true taste perfection.

And now, Cool Mountain proudly adds Chicago Draft Style Ginger Beer to this extraordinary lineup.

Chicago Draft Style Ginger Beer

Chicago Draft Style Ginger Beer

Chicago Draft Style Ginger Beer is made from a recipe historically sourced from one of the most popular drinks ever served. Made from all natural ingredients, Chicago Ginger Beer sparkles in the glass and has a truly unique flavor — fresh, spicy, yeasty, it has an amazing taste that will tickle the tongue – you’ll love it.

Ginger beer originated in England in the mid-1800’s and became popular throughout Britain, the United States, Ireland, and Canada and maintained its popularity well into the twentieth century. Today, with a changing societies demand for more substantial and craft-made drink products, ginger beer is experiencing a powerful renaissance.

In celebration of Cool Mountain’s latest addition to their Chicago line and in furtherance of our efforts to support the community in which we live and operate, we have joined with Redmoon, Chicago’s 24-year-old theater company, in a sponsor program, supporting the Great Chicago Fire Festival being held on the Chicago River and river walk – between State and Columbus, starting with a pre show bazaar at 3:00pm and ending with the Grand Spectacle from 8:00pm to 9:30pm on October 4, 2014.

Given the origin of this festival’s name, the type of celebration people can expect, the tangy taste of our new soft drink and the fact that our ginger beer may be mixed with beer, usually ale, with dark rum, (a “Dark and Stormy”), is the main ingredient in the Moscow Mule or can be used as a base for any creative concoction you may come up with. We believe the Chicago Fire Festival is the perfect venue for CoolMountain’s Draft Style, Chicago Ginger Beer’s debut.

Incorporated in May 1997, Cool Mountain Beverages, Inc. (CMB) is based in Des Plaines, Ill. and is licensed and distributed through franchisee agreements in markets throughout the U.S, Canada Great Britain and Malaysia. With continuing, steady growth, Cool Mountain Beverages has established a strong reputation for both their superior products and socially responsible approach to business.

Enjoy our Chicago Draft Style Root Beer and our New! Chicago Draft Style Ginger Beer.

Celebrate the Adventure @ the Chicago Fire Festival.

Are you thirsty?

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