Celebrate the Adventure of the Holidays with Cool Mountain.

Just in time for glad tidings, good will and holiday cheer, the finest gourmet soda to meet the season, Cool Mountain.


Start a new tradition in your holiday home, for dinners, parties, get togethers or just being with family and friends.  Cool Mountain offers a delicious, season enhancing alternative to the hum drum soft drink. Donned in bright festive colors, Cool Mountain comes in a dazzling array of mouthwatering flavors like; Blue Razzberry, Green Apple, Strawberry, Cream Soda, Black Cherry, Root Beer, and Orange Cream, (perfect with and for making Christmas sugar cookies). Visit www.coolmountain.com for menu pairings and recipe ideas.


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Bright and cheery, cool and refreshing, bottled in glass and handcrafted to perfection in small batches, using only the finest ingredients known to man, Cool Mountain soda recipes incorporate Pure Cane Sugar, Caffeine Free ingredients, history, tradition and the love for one effervescent taste that is nothing short of sensational. 


Beyond the sweet enjoyment of what is sure to become a holiday and everyday favorite, a case of Cool Mountain is a great gift idea for foodies or anyone who likes better things, stuff some stockings with a bottle or 4 pack, or just have some around for fun, even our packaging looks the part.

Begin a new tradition and serve Cool Mountain this holiday season.


In warm weather, cool or cold, regardless of the activity, outdoors or in, with a rich and sophisticated, full bodied taste, lightly carbonated to enhance the flavor experience, CoolMountain is truly “a soda for all seasons”.   Whether served alone, on ice or as the base for a new take on the traditional “toddy”, Cool Mountain will be the refreshment of choice.


The new taste of the season is available by the bottle, by the case and in our new Mix and Match four packs at fine stores in the United States, Canada and Malaysia and on line 24/7 at www.coolmountain.com.  And, they come in just the right size for everybody, we even have Kegorators for caterers.  For more information contact us at, coolmountn@aol.com


In a time of celebration, we bring the party


Are you thirsty?


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