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Orange Cream

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Cookies are great, but when you pair those cookies with orange cream soda you have the perfect duet. Take your favorite sugar cookie recipe and add four tablespoons of Cool Mountain Orange Cream Soda. Bake to perfection and top with cream cheese frosting infused with Orange Cream soda.

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Taste: Lightly carbonated with a refreshing sweet taste and rich orange cream flavor, made with pure cane sugar and 100% caffeine free.

Package Size: 24/355 ml twist top glass bottles per case

Marketing attributes: Orange Cream is commonly known as orange whip with a scoop of ice cream, taste like a dreamsicle frozen treat. The sweet orange is the citrus which is a "peculiar blend that when combined flavoring derived from orchids of the genus Vanilla” creates the unique flavoring combo Orange Cream. Orange Cream is found in candies, marmalades and frozen deserts. Oranges were first cultivated in southern China.